Welcome To The Removers Benevolent Association

Image: BAR Removers Benevolent Fund

The Removers Benevolent Association (RBA) is the only dedicated charity for the removals industry.   The British Association of Removers Ltd (BAR), which was established in 1900, set up the charity to promote financial relief for necessitous persons  (including their widows or dependents) who are or have been engaged continuously for a minimum period of two years by any Member of the British Association of Removers Ltd.

The charity relies on donations and investment returns to support its work.


The RBA have been helping those in need for over 40 years, and will continue to do so as an integral part of the Association’s social responsibility strategy.


“When a landlord refused to replace a broken gas fire in the freezing home of a retired removals worker who was 75 years of age, his son contacted the RBA, who helped buy him a new gas fire. Although he had retired ten years previously, the RBA were able to help him. He was over the moon that he had been remembered by the removers”